Digital Strategy

You’ve heard the old saying – “failing to plan is planning to fail”. In the same way, to start an online solution without a clear and concise goal guarantees failure. This is true for the simplest website to the most complex custom application development.

At Domani we have built hundreds of online solutions. We have created the Domani Methodology to help us design and deliver these solutions with consistency and efficiency. Core to this methodology is creating an online strategy.

A successful online strategy needs to consider at least the following critical factors:

  • What are the objectives?
  • What is our product?
  • What is our point of differentiation?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • What is our position within our market?

Our strategic workshops are designed to uncover the core objectives of the project as well as gaining clarity over the target audience, the stage in the buying cycle they will be, the image, first impressions, market position, point of difference and brand message.

Only once these are etched out and understood do we then put together our specifications. These include a very detailed design brief, site maps, wireframes and functional requirements. We then recommend the most appropriate technology platform and hosting solution and deliver a product designed to exceed your expectations.

Design and development of your solution is closely managed by Domani’s consultants. Delivery may involve Domani’s own staff, our Certified Suppliers or the client’s own resources or a combination of any. Excellent communications from our consultants and the experience and professionalism of our experts ensures a smooth, hassle-free and successful project.

Benefits for you as a client

1. We focus on your online strategy and requirements. Experience has shown that cutting corners up-front can lead to missed objectives and project failures.

2. We run workshops with your key staff, research your market, define objectives and develop a unique strategy to meet your goals and budget.

3. We deliver!

Our Thoughts