For Agencies

Traditional advertising, design and branding agencies all realise that they have to offer their clients an online component to their services. To achieve this each agency has until now had to choose one of two options:
1. Build an in-house online team with the required expertise or,
2. Outsource to a specialist digital agency.

Option 1 has proven to be a very expensive and mostly unfruitful exercise. Many large agencies have spent millions attracting staff, building infrastructure and creating teams only to find the result disappointing. Common complaints include:

– The digital team isn’t as profitable as the rest of the group
– We don’t understand the development process and it’s affecting our client relations
– We aren’t able to scale up to meet demand fast enough
– We seem to have a lot of staff that aren’t billable
– We are still outsourcing specialist areas like SEO and Integration
– Our clients seem to be using many technology platforms that we don’t use making it difficult to sell them our digital services
– Once we include our overheads and risks – it would have been cheaper to have outsourced

Option 2 has also had it’s fair share of difficulties. In particular:

– Our digital partners aren’t bringing any experience or value to the table
– I can’t put our digital partners in front of our clients so I still have to employ a digital expert in-house
– Our digital partner only specialises in one technology – our clients are using many

Domani Digital is Different

We are not just a digital agency but a network of many specialist digital experts. Each of our suppliers has a proven track record in delivering outstanding solutions. We can scale as required, we can cover pretty much every technology currently in use. We don’t have the traditional limitations of a regular digital agency.

Domani Digital employs only seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the digital arena. Our team focuses on Online Strategy, Project Management, Account Management, Integration and Creative Direction. Our consultants are experienced in presenting to ‘C’ level management – most have been at that level themselves. We can work with you from pitch stage through to final delivery.

The benefits for you as an agency client

1. We do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.

2. We are technology agnostic. We are not tied to any one technology or platform. We are open-minded and have partners who are specialists in all areas of online development.

3. We talk your language then translate that to the development teams. No jargon, no acronyms – just the facts and we keep it simple.

4. We are a joy to deal with! No really. Hard to believe I know but we understand business, sales, customer service and marketing – not just technology.

Our Thoughts