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Our main difference, and benefit, is that we are a network of accredited partners rather than one large company. What binds us together is a methodology that has been honed over twenty years of successful software and web development.

Each of our partners is a specialist in what they do. They are small, passionate and professional. By utilising a range of companies, Domani can be completely unbiased as to the technology we recommend, we can scale very quickly for larger projects or high volumes of work and we can cover a greater number of specialisations that any one company. The digital industry has grown too large to have truly “one-stop-shop” agencies – instead we have specialists in such areas as design, Flash, hosting, SEO, strategy, database development and direct marketing.

Our business is creating online solutions. From a simple website to very complex online applications.

Our web development experience covers proprietary and open source platforms. Depending on the project we may put together a team of freelancers or we may utilise one or two of our larger partners. We have a large number of designers each with their own style and varied portfolios to suit our clients’ image.

Our software development teams can create custom solutions or simply customise an open source application. We have experience in the following:

– Microsoft .NET and SharePoint
– Online CRM solutions
– SalesForce.com
– Mobile and iPhone applications
– Custom software design, development and integration

Absolutely. We treat all our clients as partners. The online space is constantly changing and we like to create a relationship with our clients to help them navigate their way.

We offer support agreements, outsourced project or IT management, advice and knowledge.

Domani Digital partners with experienced professionals from all over the world. We do however have a very strict criteria that we abide by when choosing our partners. Proven experience, excellent customer service and quality are of course essential but there is more than that required by Domani. We are looking for passionate individuals and companies with a hunger to impress and a work ethic like ours.

If you think you fit the bill then fill out our online application and we’ll be in touch. We are always excited to meet like-minded partners and create a successful relationship for ourselves and our clients.

For more information about Domani Digital go to our About Domani page or give us a call on 1300 883 295.

Domani Digital prides itself on exceptional customer service.

Some of our clients have provided testimonials which can be viewed on our Testimonials page.

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